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We know that this is an especially worrying time for people with cancer and their family and friends. We have separate information about coronavirus and cancer. Please read that information alongside this page.

cancer in your 20s reddit

We will update that information as guidance changes. Read about coronavirus and cancer. Hello, I hope someone will advise me because I am so scared that I have throat cancer that I can't sleep or perform any of my daily activities anymore, because this is all I think about. I am a 19 year old male.

I had an on and off sore throat and hoarseness for many many months, but was a smoker, so didn't think too much about it. However, I quit around two months ago and not long after that the sore throat and hoarseness started again and continue to this day.

Lung cancer in patients under the age of 40 years

Furthermore, During the last month I developed difficulty swallowing and difficulty breathing. Not only does food sometimes feels like it sticks to my throat when swallowing, I have difficulty performing the swallowing action itself, even when I only have saliva in my moath. It's as if my muscles are harder to contract or something. The breathing problems feel as if something is blocking the air flow and I need to put extra effort in if I want to take a deep breath.

Furthermore, my chest often hurts when I swallow. During the past few days, I developed this constant urge to clear my throat, but it is impossible to do so no matter how much I try. It's as if something is stuck there. I have been told I have acid reflux before. I saw 2 GPs about this problem in the last weeks and both of them didn't even bother to look at me after learning that I have a history of acid reflux, they just gave me some omeprozol and told me not to come back for a month.

I have found online that these symptoms are consistent with throat ir esophagus cancers and now am in absolute panic mode. I cannot sleep or focus on anything else but the thoughts of cancer and dying. And finally, how fast are these types if cancer? How risky is it to wait the month for an appointment?

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Because all I can think about is how the cancer is growing and spreading and how it will be to late by the time anyone actually tests me. Hello Robert and welcome to the forum.This may sound like a strange question, but what kind of cancer is common in people in their early to middle 20's? Also, how long does cancer usually last before the it's gotten rid of or the worst happens? Your question is not strange or impossible to answer.

I was diagnosed with leukemia at 21 and again at I am currently in remission, but my leukemia is an acute type. If it comes back in the future and I refuse treatment or I dont respond to treatment, it will be a matter of weeks to months before the end, depending on how early in the cancer the diagnosis is made.

My 12 year old neighbor died of cancer. It can happen to anyone. Cancer is abnormal cell growth that occurs in various parts of the body, impeding normal function. I don't really think there is a real common one, but you do hear of leukemia hitting younger people And the speed of the cell growth along with its location determines how long a person gets--that and how early the disease is discovered.

This is impossible to answer. Any type of cancer can occur at any age. Testicular cancer, however, is more common in younger men ages than in older men. There are many kinds of cancer; some are very aggressive in their growth and some grow and spread slowly. The answer to your second question depends on the type of cancer involved. It is treated by surgery, then a radiation pill and then synthetic thyroid meds for the rest of your life. I was "done" in 6 months and will be tested the rest of my life.

Skin cancers basal cell carcinomas especially often appear in people in their 20's, especially if they tan or have a lot of sun exposure. Other cancers are more rare but can happen. Diagnosis and prognosis depends on the kind of cancer and vary widely. Every type of Cancer can happen in your 20's. In my case i was in my 30's when it happened, and it was a Gastrointestinal Stromel Tumor. Tyler F. Answer Save. Stacies Mom Lv 5.Every guy should take his health into his own hands, literally.

Male masturbation jokes always get laughs in buddy movies and comedy routines. But a new study actually has something serious to say about the typical dude's favorite shower activity: Masturbating frequently could significantly reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer. What qualifies as frequently? To reach these findings, researchers surveyed 31, men, sending them questionnaires about how often they engaged in self-love. The study team then tracked the participants for 18 years, recording which men developed prostate cancer in that time period.

The men were assessed at three different points: the year before the questionnaire was distributed, in their 20s, and again in their 40s. The study conclusion? More frequent rates of masturbation were associated with lower rates of prostate cancer. But it is the first time researchers came up with an actual solo sex quota.

Many doctors, including Ian Kerner, PhD, a psychotherapist and sexuality counselor in New York City, believe that ejaculation might flush out harmful toxins and bacteria, which would otherwise build up in the prostate. But masturbation isn't the only way to do that, Kerner points out. Beyond the prostate flush, Dr. Kerner says masturbation comes with a whole slew of benefits, such as giving a dude the chance to experience pleasure and relaxation.

By Kristine Thomason July 07, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Close View image.Gastric cancer is an aggressive disease with nonspecific early symptoms. Its incidence and prognosis in young patients has shown considerable variability.

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The study was undertaken to describe the experience of gastric cancer in this population, and to demonstrate its specific clinical and pathological characteristics. Thirty cases of gastric carcinoma were reviewed. In Latin America, the incidence of gastric cancer varies by region. Several countries, such as Chile In Mexico, according to the official Histopathological Registry of Neoplasms, gastric cancer is the fifth-most prevalent form of cancer in the general population 3.

Types of cancer that are more common in Mexico are cancer of the uterine cervix, skin cancer nonmelanomabreast cancer, and prostate cancer which is the most common form of cancer in the country.

Gastric cancer is the second-leading cause of death from cancer in Mexico, and the most common cause of death from gastrointestinal cancer. In general, Mexico is considered a low-risk area, with a mortality rate of 5. The state of Chiapas has the highest mortality rate 6. Men are affected more frequently than women at a ratio of 1. In these younger population subsets, epidemiological differences exist in localization, with an increase of lesions at the proximal level as well as in those in the antral region.

A delay in diagnosis existed in both groups and exerted influence on patient management and prognosis. In patients with a familial history of gastric cancer, with symptoms of ulcer that do not improve with adequate medical management, or who have received a diagnosis of an ulcer, panendoscopy should be performed, with a biopsy for early diagnosis.

Gastric cancer represents 3. This group was eligible for this retrospective analysis. For each case, we included age, gender, familial oncological history, signs and symptoms referred, types of preparatory studies performed, and methods utilized for diagnosis; in addition, we considered follow-up time and time lapse to death or date of last medical appointment.

Overall survival OS time was considered, as were the date of specific treatment initiation, whether the patient died due to any causeand date of last medical appointment. We only employed descriptive statistical methods in statistical analysis with central tendency and dispersion measurements.

Survival curves were estimated using the Kaplan—Meier method, and the log-rank test was utilized to compare survival data.

Can You get Prostate Cancer in your 20's?

We employed the SPPS v The procedures performed are described in Table 3.Having lost both of my parents by the age of 21 I am now 22I experienced the heartache that a majority of people my age have not. My mother passed away four and a half years ago and my father just four and a half months ago. They both died because of cancer. Cancer, I can honestly say, is the worst thing to exist, because it literally eats at and destroys lives. The thing was that I had an excellent relationship with my mother and an absolutely awful one with my father.

The pain remains the same and only got deeper once my father was gone, however, the pain and longing for just one more hug or one last conversation with my mother is what rings so strongly throughout my being. It does not matter the relationship you have to those you lost; if it is a parent, you love them just the same.

Losing a parent at a young age makes you grow up incredibly fast. My dad was an absolute wreck after my mom was gone, and someone had to be the glue to hold our family together maybe not monetarily, but emotionally. I had to make sure the bills were paid and that we were able to eat. The distraught mindset my dad carried ate him alive in the end. I chose to give up my lifelong dream to go away to UConn after attending for one because I was worried my twin brother who has special needs wasn't going to be taken care of and I needed him.

Not cancer. Not God. Not life. Just his year-old daughter who lost her best friend, just like him. I always resented him for that, and looking back, I am pretty sure he resented me for being the spitting image of my beautifully driven and incredible mother.

Now, I am living entirely on my own with some support from family.

cancer in your 20s reddit

Should out to my Gram who helped put a down payment on a new set of wheels for me! Everything took this degree turn I wasn't quite ready to handle but had to because not too many people are here to save me anymore. My mother was my everything. I never had a better and more reliable friend.

Throughout high school, she was the only person I wanted to stay up talking about stupid high school gossip and watching romantic comedies with while drinking tea. I appreciated, this time, more than anything and wish I could just have one more day.

I faced a lot of issues once she passed. I felt abandoned and that I could trust no one. I spent much of my time alone as much as I could when sharing a small dorm room. I am a work in progress, as most year-olds are.

The holidays are so mind-blowingly difficult, especially these past ones. Watching all of your peers celebrating the holidays with Christmas trees with gifts overflowing underneath hurts a lot more than it should.

Family members and those close enough to you try to compensate, but this is by no means even close to being the same but thanks so much, everyone I appreciate all that you do.JUUL brand e-cigarettes look like a USB flash drive and deliver an aerosol mix of chemicals, nicotine, and flavoring to the user.

They are the top-selling e-cigarette brand, and according to news reports and social media posts, students are using them in locations such as classrooms and school bathrooms. The FDA has sent warning letters to more than 40 retailers that sell JUULs and other similar products, including gas stations, convenience stores, and online sellers including eBay, saying they broke the law that prevents selling the products to kids under age The agency also ordered JUUL Labs to turn over documents about product marketing and research on the health effects, to find out if the company is marketing its products in ways that are misleading or target youth.

The extension being challenged allows the products — including those with fruit, candy, and other flavors that may appeal to kids — to stay on the market until at least without undergoing an FDA review of their public health impact. Studies have found that most kids are not aware of the potential risks they face by using e-cigarettes, including JUULs.

We talked with the American Cancer Society Vice President for Tobacco Control, Cliff Douglas, to learn more about these issues and what must be done to protect our young people. A: JUULs are made to resemble flash drives. They have a high tech feel and appearance, and both the product itself and the marketing of it make it look very cool.

In comparison with some other e-cigarettes, JUULs are harder to detect. Kids are known to be using them in school restrooms and even in the classroom. A: JUULs deliver a higher concentration of nicotine than some other types of e-cigarettes. Some kids do not even know that JUULs contain nicotine. The brain is still developing well into the mids and even beyond, so health concerns apply not only to teens, but also to college-age users.

Some kids are reported to have become physically dependent on nicotine, and are using JUULs not just recreationally, but also compulsively, to sustain what has turned into a drug problem. That includes manufacturers, retailers, and online purveyors, while providing better education to the public and decision makers. E-cigarettes, in comparison, are harmful for kids but substantially less dangerous than combustible products like cigarettes, cigars and hookah or water pipe tobacco.

This trend is evolving rapidly. We need to look at the big picture and gain a greater appreciation for the very varied and diverse nature of the modern tobacco and nicotine marketplace to inform how we address these different products, educating people and protecting our kids along the way. If you need help or information, please call us at or use live chat for the quickest response. The American Cancer Society medical and editorial content team.

American Cancer Society news stories are copyrighted material and are not intended to be used as press releases. Q: What can be done? Q: What about parents and teachers?

What can they do? Give us your feedback Was this article helpful? Add a comment. Comments are optional. Reviewed by.

Going Gray in Your 20s? This Is Probably Why

How to Quit Smoking Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States. There are many different methods you can use to quit. Here is what the research tells us about how well they work:. Read More. Sign Up. Get Help. Image of.The prostate is a gland that helps make semen, which is the fluid that carries sperm. The prostate is located just below the urinary bladder in front of the rectum.

As men age, the prostate can become enlarged and start causing problems. Prostate problems include:. In the United States, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. It typically grows slowly and has few early symptoms. Cancer screenings are tests that doctors can do to help them spot cancer before symptoms arise, or before the cancer becomes more advanced.

Doctors perform prostate exams to screen for abnormalities that may indicate a problem, such as cancer. Prostate exams may not be recommended for everyone. Read on to learn more about this exam and when you may need it. Have a discussion with your doctor about prostate cancer screenings. The U. They give these specific recommendations for the date at which these discussions with a healthcare provider should take place:.

A digital rectal exam DRE may also be a part of your screening. The ACS recommends that men thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of prostate screenings with their doctor before making any decisions.

Because there are risks such as overdiagnosis that may outweigh the benefits, the USPSTF recommends against prostate screening with blood tests for men ages 70 and above. However, as with any test, discuss with your doctor if this is appropriate for you. Early detection of some types of cancer can make the cancer easier to treat and improve your outlook. In the United States, prostate cancer screening has been more common since the early s. Since that time, the prostate cancer death rate has gone down.

cancer in your 20s reddit

It could also reflect improved treatment options. Tell your doctor if you have anal fissures or hemorrhoidsas a DRE may aggravate these conditions. Generally, for cancer screenings, your doctor will take a simple blood test. Your doctor might also choose to perform a DRE. Before performing this exam, your doctor will ask you to change into a gown, removing your clothing from the waist down.

During a DRE, your doctor will ask you to bend over at the waist or lie on the exam table in a fetal position, with your knees to your chest. They will then insert a gloved, lubricated finger into your rectum. Your doctor will feel for anything abnormal, such as bumps or hard or soft areas that might indicate a problem.

Your doctor may also be able to feel if your prostate is enlarged. It will last only a couple of minutes. Your doctor will be able to tell immediately if there are any areas of concern that may warrant further testing. The results of a DRE exam are either normal or abnormal, but doctors typically rely on several different tests to help them make a prostate cancer diagnosis.

If no suspicion for prostate cancer is found during a regular screening, the ACS makes these recommendations:. If either or both of your prostate cancer screening tests are abnormal, you and your doctor will discuss next steps.

These next steps will depend on your age, general health, and family history. More invasive testing carries increased risk, which you will need to discuss with your doctor. Your doctor may be able to rule out prostate cancer without a biopsy.

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