Hobbit fanfiction cultural differences

Prompt: I love me some Bilbo and Bofur! I find them so cute. What I think would be even cuter would be a mpreg AU. Where Bilbo is pregnant, everyone lives, and it's so sweet that our teeth hurt :!

Bilbo felt miserable. He did not know what was worst, though. The sickness that had been plaguing him for days now and the source of it he could not find, or the dull ache in his heart that never went away completely, no matter how hard he tried to distract himself, or the mistrust that he found wherever he went, regardless of what he said, or the knowledge that he would have to leave soon, returning to the Shire he suddenly no longer missed at all.

They had won he still found himself unable to believe that and at the moment word was taken everywhere that the heirs of Durin had reclaimed their throne and treasure. Bilbo did everything he could, helped wherever he was needed, but wherever he went he was eyed warily. He would not have minded had it only been the dwarves from the Iron Hills who did not trust him, but seeing the same mistrust in the eyes of his own companions hurt him deeply.

He had explained his reasons to each and every single one of the dwarves, but they could not forgive him betraying them like that. He had wanted to save their lives, but they had risked said lives for the Arkenstone more than anything else, thus his reasoning fell on deaf ears. Bilbo knew, the cultural differences between their two races were huge, but he had not thought them this insurmountable. If he had, he would never have… never mind. Suppressing the thought that would dampen his mood even more he continued sorting the many old books and scripts in the old library of Erebor that had been wondrously undestroyed.

He was alone and glad for it. Actually it was quite rare that he would be left alone anywhere except the room Thorin had given him these days, and he barely could stand the mistrust any longer. No matter how much he wanted to stay here, no matter how much the thought of leaving hurt, he had already told the others he would be gone within a fortnight and Gandalf had announced that he would accompany him. He was very glad for the wizard's offer, for the road was dangerous and he really was in need of a friend.

For some reason Gandalf seemed to be very cross with Thorin though only with the leader, he did not seem to be angry at the rest of the group — except maybe Bofur and appeared to be very eager to leave. Bilbo sighed heavily, his fingers running over a particularly old manuscript. He could not read it anyway — it was written in Khuzdul — but it contained a few maps, which the hobbit had always found incredibly fascination.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Bilbo raised his eyebrows. My, Gandalf, I wonder if you know Hobbits at all. They would tell you that adventures are nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. That they would make you late for dinner. It had been something he and Gandalf had looked back on with bittersweet laughter. This Gandalf however noticed his exact words. And what about you, mhm? What would you tell me about adventures?

The Valar send Bilbo back in time, to the day where Gandalf asks him to join in an adventure. After living a lifetime of regret and suffering, he vows to change things for the better. For Thorin. For Frodo. But will he succeed? Any child of the Took has a duty to pass judgment on truly unforgivable crimes. Threatening to maim and murder a child, then return them to their family in a box - that counts.

As usual, my Bilbo is a badass. Hobbit blood magic ahead. Ordinary things like goods and services, but also those ephemeral things like love and beauty and music. At least, that's what Bilbo's been told and his interactions with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield has only confirmed this prejudice. Until one night of busking on the roadways causes him to shift his perspective. If asked, Bella Baggins would quite firmly inform you that she had never been so content, that she was perfectly capable of keeping up with her work, and that you should butter your own biscuits, thank you very much.

But if you asked again. She would not answer a second time. His work was for his people, always--no matter how much his sister and cousins may have wished it otherwise. The time to reclaim his mountain had come, and all he needed was a burglar, not some fussy hobbit.

But Gandalf the Grey does not take no for an answer, nor does Yavanna; so the quest will go on, no matter what the wish of Hobbit or Dwarf. Billa Baggins had taken after her mother in more ways than one, though her perchance for adventure had certainly made her and outsider within the Shire. As the rebuilding starts Billa is swept up in political intrigue and Assassination Attempts all while trying to keep her feelings for the younger prince a secret. Propose of course. Story starts from the beginning of the Quest for Eerebor, and continues on after the Battle of Five Armies.

When dwarves become of age a name appears on them spelling the name of their soulmate. Their one. Some already know their soulmate while some look for their soulmate all their life and never find them. Dwarves flaunt their marks, and covet their soulmates. Hobbits are born with their soulmarks and cover them in the name of being respectable. Since interspecies soulmates are unheard of every hobbit finds their soulmate in the shire.

Most hobbits know their soulmate since childhood and only uncover their marks when they get married.At the shriek of fear that echoed through the camp all the Dwarves were on their feet, weapons in hand in the blink of an eye, even Gandalf was on his feet sword and staff in hand, all of their eyes scanning over the camp looking for their Hobbit from whom the shriek could only have come from.

They all paused a little confused when their eyes fell on Bilbo standing clutching his hand to his chest and trembling slightly, though it was not a look of fear on his face instead it was slightly stunned rapidly turning into embarrassment. And standing in front of him blinking stunned was Balin his nose dripping blood and looking completely lost. The rest of them however were looking between Bilbo who was still looking stunned but embarrassment seemed to be taking over more now, and Gandalf who had had to sit down on the floor he was laughing so hard.

He sat down by the fire and before he could do anything else Thorin took his hand and started checking for any damage. For a Hobbit their ears are very sensitive and well in the Shire touching someone's ears even a brush is seen as a very intimate thing to do it is something only well lovers and partners do " Bilbo coughed as a blush covered his face.

You have my sincerest apologies I did not mean to offend you so. Doing such in Dwarf culture is merely seen as an act of friendship " Balin explained quickly looking slightly mortified. Smiling he watched as the young Dwarf sat down next to him, automatically glancing around for Dori, who it appeared was being distracted by Nori on purpose going by the smirk on the middle brother's face.

He blinked before chuckling to himself when Kili and Fili dropped down on his other side looking curious. Who knows what they are saying about me there now,' Bilbo chuckled to himself. Well no, not really,' Bilbo shrugged.

He blinked when he realised that their little group had expanded to include Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Bofur and Bifur. Not mentions Aunts, uncles and such.

None of them really get on with Lotho or Lobellia, disagreeable family that they are, no I'm sure that the Thain will ensure that they won't get access for at least a little longe Are you ok? Most average anywhere from five to ten, my mother was one of seven.

The Baggins side of my family do seem to have a little of a lower birth rate in the families, it is highly unusual to be only children as myself, Drogo and Lotho are. Why what is the Dwarven birth rate? Our women struggle through pregnancy and with births,' Balin explained. That is until a great crash announced Dwalin had apparently just fainted. Hobbits, male Hobbits can get pregnant?! Oin was hovering over Dwalin who was still unconscious where he had landed.

They are after all the Children of Yvanna, life and growth are under her protection, it is no shock that her children be blessed with the ability to easily give life. Though this is one of the few secrets of Hobbits that those who know of it guard closely! Bilbo noted that his fingers were completely covered in ink with how fast he was trying to write.

Or One, whatever you call it?! And their bodies are not tied to their One in the same way a Hobbit's Match is. Hobbits are bound body and mind and soul. Dwarves are bound soul and mind, they accept that their One may lie with another before they are found, if they find each other at all.

Because Hobbits are bound in body to their Match, they are unable to have children with anyone that is not their Match,' Gandalf explained. Dwarves were designed from a mind of stone, of building, of creating, Hobbits were designed from a mind of soil, of growth, of new life. A compliment of differences,' Gandalf hummed. It can be slowly as well, we sometimes feel them before they are revealed to us, so that we do not lose hope of finding them.

Some know that they are matched from childhood, others not until they are well passed their coming of age. How we know it is them can happen in a number of ways, the most common are seeing each other or touching, hearing them sing, dancing together, seeing something that they have grown themselves, all of them are ways of knowing,' Bilbo smiled.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

hobbit fanfiction cultural differences

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. When Bungo Baggins dies, Bag End and all his possessions should pass to the husband of his daughter and only child, Bilba.

There is one small problem. Bilba doesn't have a husband and has never shown any inclination towards acquiring one. Bungo took account for that in his will in a manner Bilba did not expect.

Hobbit Recs

Luckily for her a wizard has other plans. And then things start getting complicated. Secrets will be revealed and political powers come to rise.

hobbit fanfiction cultural differences

The final stage has been set. Ravens are large birds and the largest one she has ever encountered had been a little over two feet long with a wingspan of nearly twice that. This raven is bigger still, perhaps a little more than two and a half feet long which could be thought a considerable size to a hobbit of only three feet and eight inches.

For Billana Baggins, outcast and feared for her strange magic, this raven could signal the start of a new life, provided she survives the journey towards it. Traumatized when her parents were killed during the Fell Winter, Dwobbit Billa Baggins hasn't spoken a word since. Feeling isolated in the Shire, Gandalf offers her a way out. The only downside was the dragon waiting at the end. However, the chance for a new beginning and possibly a new family was too tempting to pass up.

Now, here's hoping that things would go smoothly. This is where I'll put my one shots about Female Bilbo. The pairings will be with different dwarves, but never more than one dwarf. These are one shots that will most likely never become full stories. A little bit of everything. I will tag the relationship at the beginning of each chapter :. Belladonna Baggins used to be a wild and strong-willed young hobbit, but once she acquired Bag End after her beloved parents' deaths, she put that life behind her.

Nicknamed 'Mad Baggins' by her neighbors, she keeps to herself and convinces herself that she is comfortable in her stagnant life. Deep down, however, she hides a secret desire to journey into the vast unknown.

This yearning is awoken when a wandering wizard offers to whisk her away on an adventure, and the eccentric company of Thorin Oakenshield arrives at her front door - quite unexpectedly.

The company is joined by two original characters - Frera daughter of Frerin, and Dwenne daughter of Dwalin - who play an important role in the quest to the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo and Thorin courted during the quest, but after the Battle of the Five Armies, Thorin falls into a coma so to heal his injuries.

Thorin, meanwhile, wakes, finds his braid gone, and assumes that his transgression against Bilbo was too much to forgive. So he carves a child of his own…. Basically, this is where you go if you're wondering what goes on in my brain related to the Hobbit.Different than what you think of as a fix-it. I am not sure that this is complete but I suspect it is, if it is added to, awesome, if not, it ends well.

The slash is Bagginshield. It matters not where the banishment occurs; it is such a shameful event, no respectable Hobbit would ever return to the Shire and shame their kin.

Benedict Cumberbatch -- Behind-the-Scenes of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

For Bilbo, it means that he cannot stay and cannot go home. For Thorin, he awoke with a cleared head, but Bilbo had fled before he could speak with him and make things right. Thinking that their burglar was in the Shire safe and sound, they left it until they were better able to go and make amends. Then one day, Gandalf comes to Erebor searching for their Hobbit. Spending his days caring for the recovering princes, Bilbo wonders how much more of this he can take, not suspecting his place at the center of a silent divide in the company.

Er… Mistletoe? Plus, it has the added bonus of taking his mind off what may be happening between himself and that ridiculously handsome King of his.

To most it seemed like fanciful nonsense but to Bilbo it was all very real. A weight followed him home from his travels, one called regret. Of course, change is a fickle thing and not everything can be done again as Bilbo is about to find out. Poor Mister Baggins. He was doomed to be a nine-days wonder no matter what and is it any wonder after a year-long adventure?

He used her to repair Erebor with her Hobbit abilities to fix broken things. When Thorin and his Company come to reclaim Erebor, there is no dragon, only a cursed Hobbit with golden dragon scales embedded in her skin. Dragon AU. TW: Smaug is sadistic. He is emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive. Some suicidal thoughts and actions.Billa had never been one to believe in such romantic notions as an adventure coming to sweep her off her feet Her Took cousins would be so jealous.

She eyed the ramble of dwarves invading her kitchen critically. They weren't bad looking, as far as she could tell, and it wasn't like she was getting any better offers in the Shire. The wording was very old fashioned, but presumably dwarves lived much longer than hobbits, so their information of hobbit culture was likely out of date. That explained why only Thorin's nephews were present in the contract She wondered if it would be rude to ask this soon in their relationship.

Quickly, before she could change her mind, the hobbit woman signed her name across the contract's dotted line. She wondered if the dwarves were the kind of folk who would want to hold a ceremony to commemorate the occasion, but thought it unlikely as they planned to leave in the morning.

Oh well. She could always unpack her mother's white dress at another time. Perhaps she could mention it after the quest to the leader of the company. Or rather to her company now that she had agreed to sign the contract. Billa took special care to learn about each member of her company, as she would be spending much of the foreseeable future among them. Balin usually hung by the leader's side to give advice, so Billa tentative labeled him as second in command in the company's dynamics.

His brother Dwalin obviously was the main fighter and protector. Billa made a point to speak especially kindly to him. A protector was, after all, the one most likely to be lost when trouble occurred.

She wanted him to understand her appreciation of his selflessness. Gloin was wed with a son, and Billa supposed he only joined the company so his brother Oin would not be left alone. Such things were not unheard of when journeying together. She mentally planned how best to introduce herself to Gloin's wife after the company had finished with the adventure.

Perhaps they could meet for tea, or did dwarves have other customs for such occasions? When Billa discovered Kili and Fili's young age, she flushed, and asked blatantly how their uncle had allowed them to join the company. The boys had grinned cheekily at her, saying something about them being of age, no matter how much their mother or uncle complained.

Billa decided the boys had only joined because Thorin didn't want to leave them alone. She supposed she could understand, though having known that she was traveling with the dwarven equivalent of tweens would have been nice to know before she sighed the contract. Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur presented a family dynamic Billa was more familiar with, as they were cousins to each other. Bifur couldn't speak more than garbled ancient dwarvish, but Bombur often sympathized with Billa's plights.

Bofur was her favorite.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community Books Hobbit culture shock. Focus: Books Hobbit, Since: Founder: flamewitch - Stories: 37 - Followers: 24 - id: Include but not limited to shock reactions to finding out culture difference, eating patterns, feet or hair significant, birthrates, or even the way they court.

Feel free to PM me if you come across one you think I should add to the community. A Hobbit's Secret by Pikagirl reviews Hobbits really were interesting. Especially when Bilbo lets out one of their secrets to the group, that male Hobbits can become pregnant.

Now most of the dwarves have an objective, to win the little Hobbit and make him their own. Bilboxeveryone pretty much. Probably has been done a hundred times. Pairings undecided.

The Hobbits' Masquerade by Posher10 reviews The hobbits are a warlike people, similar to the dwarves. Bilbo Baggins is king, Lord of the Shire and the Brandywine. And when the dwarves happen to be there during an orc raid, they see a side of the hobbits and, more importantly, their king, that no outsider has seen before.

I do not own the cover. Companion to TFC. Hobbit Oddities by raindrops-and-dreams reviews "Bilbo, why does your face change? Not Your Hobbit by amidtheflowers reviews Or when a company of 13 dwarves didn't realize Bilbo Baggins was a woman, and weren't particularly arsed about it when they did except perhaps one. Curiously Tough by planetcleer reviews Prompt fill for the kink meme, which was along the lines of 'Bilbo isn't as weak as everyone makes him out to be, which surprises the Dwarves'.

No slash or ships to be found here, as I couldn't find anywhere to fit them. Of Ivy and Coriander by Eckersley reviews Flowers are pretty damn symbolic for hobbits. And there's not enough dominant!

hobbit fanfiction cultural differences

Bilbo in this fandom. One-shot, rated T for safety, please don't shoot me for corny ideas.

Concerning Hobbits and Wolves by ShivaVixen reviews While recovering in Rivendell, Kili realizes that Bilbo was far more scared of the mere possiblity of wolves than orcs, and decides to ask a simple question. Why did Bilbo fear wolves? The answer somewhat surprises the dwarves.

A Light Touch by overtherisingstar reviews Bilbo discovers that dwarves have to seriously consider the possibility of someone becoming their spouse if said someone manages to add a braid to their hair while they are sleeping - without waking them up!

This seems to him to be a perfect opportunity to both train for his task as a burglar Beauty Weeps the Brave by Laora reviews None of the dwarves understand why bouquets of flowers adorn these tombs in the catacombs of Erebor.

But then, none of them ever really understood Bilbo Baggins, either. Oh well, Bag End would sort him out.

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