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When you want to give outdoor items a thorough cleaning, you can use a standard garden hose or a high-pressure washer. The garden hose will get the surface area clean, but if you want the penetrating clean that makes things look new; you need a pressure washer like the Sun Joe SPX It has ample power to penetrate deeply into most surfaces to remove the toughest grime. This pressure washer has a This motor is powerful enough to generate up to PSI using 1. This provides maximum cleaning power for all your cleaning projects.

However, it is adjustable so that you can choose the power you want. The pressure select technology enables you to choose a low PSI setting ofwhich works great for most cleaning tasks.

Sun Enterprise[tm] 4500 Server

The higher setting amps it up to full PSI. It comes with five quick connect spray tips. This furthers your cleaning customizations. You can choose from 0, 15, 25, 40, and a soap spray tip.

Also included with your purchase, is an extension wanda 20ft high pressure hose, a power cord with GFCI protection, a garden hose adapter, and even a needle clean-out tool. This means you get everything you need to get started on your outdoor projects. A bonus for you is that all accessories have a place on the machine so that you can avoid worrying about where you put them the last time you used it.

This pressure washer has a safety lock switch on it. This prolongs the pump life and saves energy. It is also helpful if you need to stop cleaning because a pet or a child comes too close. There are several accessories that you can purchase to help your cleaner work more effectively.

They include a turbo head nozzle, a rotary wash brush, a deck and patio cleaner, a longer extension lance, and a longer extension hose. The SPX is very portable, despite the fact it weighs in at It has easy glide wheels so that you can roll it over any surface. It measures 37 x 18 x 22 inches, which means that storage should be easy for most smaller sized sheds. This is larger than other Sun Joe pressure washers and there are some who say that it tips over less often because of the larger base size.This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Enterprise Clustered Hardware Note: When repairing a clustered system, you should replace server components by first switching over the data services to the functioning server, halting the host to be serviced, powering down the host, and then performing the hardware procedure to replace the component.

Following the procedure, the logical hosts should be switched back to the default masters. When using mixed density memory modules, certain combinations of memory banks result in fatal reset while running POST before a system boot FIN I Sun System Handbook.

Sun Enterprise[tm] Server: Repair Procedures This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Enterprise Booting from the network can fail with Solaris 2. At system power up, the disk board does not turn on FCO A Using show-disks to create devalias for Ultra disk board boot drive InfoDoc Solaris 2. Copyright Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Legal Terms Privacy Policy Feedback.The line was launched as the Sun Ultra Enterprise series; the Ultra prefix was dropped around These systems are based on the bit UltraSPARC microprocessor architecture and related to the contemporary Ultra series of computer workstations.

Like the Ultra series, they run Solaris. Various models, from single-processor entry-level servers to large high-end multiprocessor servers were produced. The Enterprise brand was phased out in favor of the Sun Fire model line from onwards.

These are server configurations of the Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 workstations respectively. These were later renamed Ultra Enterprise 1 and Ultra Enterprise 2 for consistency with other server models. Later these were joined by the Ultra Enterprisewhich comprises an Ultra 1 motherboard in a tower-style enclosure with 12 internal disk bays. The Sun Enterprise is a two-processor version launched in These were later joined by the Enterprise R and Enterprise R rack-mount servers in The R and R models are respectively based on the motherboards of the Ultra 60 and Ultra 80 workstations.

High availability and fault-tolerance features are included in the X systems which are intended for mission-critical applications. The model is a deskside server configurable with up to six processors and 10 internal disks, while the is a rack-mount system with up to 14 processors. The is essentially a in a rack cabinet and the is a cabinet-housed data center server with up to 30 processors.

Inthe Enterprise, and models were announced. The also differs from the by having an additional Gigaplane slot resulting in an increased maximum of eight processors. The EnterpriseE10k or Starfire a development code name also used for marketing purposes is a high-end multiprocessor data center server capable of being configured with up to 64 UltraSPARC II processors.

This was largely designed by Cray Research 's Business Systems Division as a successor to the Cray Superserveritself related to Sun's earlier Sun-4d architecture servers. After Cray was acquired by Silicon Graphics inthis division was sold on to Sun, who then launched the Starfire as the Ultra Enterprise in Like the X and X series servers, the Starfire incorporates many high-availability features, including the ability to be partitioned into multiple "domains", each of which can be booted individually to run its own instance of Solaris.

It is also possible to remove resources from a running domain with short notice and reassign freed resources to other domains. Domain granularity is one CPU board single system may have of them. The system cannot be partitioned or booted without its original SSP which contains encrypted keys issued by the manufacturer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Sun Ultra series. The references in this article are unclear because of a lack of inline citations. Help Wikipedia improve by adding precise citations!

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.The Sun Fire X data server code named Thumper integrates server and storage technologies.

In JulySun announced the X model code-named Thorwhich doubles the processing power of the X In NovemberOracle designated that the X is end-of-life and has no next-generation replacement model. Thumper was developed by Palo Alto, California based company Kealia inc. When Sun bought Kealia inThumper became the basis for the X model. The new model also uses PCI Express IO technology, and added a compact flash disk slot for booting the operating system.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sun Microsystems. Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 31 October Oracle Corporation.

Sun Joe SPX4000 Review

Retrieved 12 November The Register. Retrieved 14 June Jim GrayMicrosoft. Retrieved 28 April Archived from the original on 9 February Retrieved 2 December Archived from the original on 28 April Archived from the original on 14 May The Earth and the other planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun. That is commonplace knowledge now but it was a radical and revolutionary idea when Nicolaus Copernicus published it in Today we take it for granted that the Sun is the celestial body that the planets revolve around.

Knowing that central fact, it is worth taking the time to consider both the great distances between the Sun and the planets as well as some basic facts about each of the planets.

In that manner, we can paint a picture of the solar system; our celestial backyard. The Sun is a star and the center of our solar system.

It is classified as a yellow dwarf star. The rest of the composition of the Sun consists of other elements such as oxygen, carbon, and iron.

At its core, there is a process called nuclear fusion that results in the intense heat and the dazzling brightness that characterize the Sun and bring light and warmth to the solar system. The Sun has so much mass that it accounts for Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

As with all the planets, Mercury is not always the same distance from the Sun.

sun 4500

The closest distance between Mercury and the Sun is 46 million kilometers or 29 million miles, the farthest distance is 70 million kilometers or 43 million miles, with an average distance of 57 million kilometers or 35 million miles. It also is too close to the Sun to have an even temperature.

The side of the planet facing the Sun can reach degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius. It takes 88 Earth days to orbit the Sun. Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun. The closest distance between Venus and the Sun is million kilometers or 66 million miles, the farthest is million kilometers or 68 million miles, with an average distance of million kilometers or 67 million miles. One of the most outstanding features of Venus is gravitational pressure, which is so great it would crush a person.

It also has a toxic brew for an atmosphere. That atmosphere prevents the escape of heat, causing Venus to be even hotter than Mercury. It has a diameter of 7, miles 12, kilometers. It takes Earth days to orbit the Sun.

Our beloved home! The Earth is the third planet from the Sun. The closest distance between Earth and the Sun is million kilometers or 91 million miles, the farthest is million kilometers or 94 million miles, with an average distance of million kilometers or 93 million miles.

The most outstanding feature of Earth is its life. It is the only planet in our solar system that supports life, and a great abundance and variety of life at that.

An atmosphere that is calibrated to support life and an abundance of water two-thirds of the Earth is covered in it have made that possible. It takes days to orbit the Sun. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. The closest distance between Mars and the Sun is million kilometers or million miles, the farthest is million kilometers or million miles, with an average distance of million kilometers or million miles.

The color is the result of iron oxide in the soil, the dust of which permeates the atmosphere. A cold desert now, with snow and ice, it was once wet and much warmer. It has a diameter of 4, miles 6, kilometers. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun.

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The closest distance between Jupiter and the Sun is million kilometers or million miles, the farthest is million kilometers or million miles, with an average distance of million kilometers or million miles.Page of 82 Go.

Quick Links. Download this manual. Send comments about this document to: docfeedback sun. Table of Contents. For a list of documents and how to order them, visit the Sun Documentation Center on Fatbrain. Page Sun Welcomes Your Comments Sun is interested in improving its documentation and welcomes your comments and suggestions. You can email your comments to Sun at: docfeedback sun. For specific information about configuring disksets, disk volumes, file systems, and data services, refer to the Sun Cluster 3.

If the directory that contains man page files for a product is not automatically accessed by the man command, you can add that location to the MANPATH environmental variable included in the. Provide a name, IP address, and root password for the management server. Provide a name and IP address for the terminal concentrator.

See Figure for the placement of each cluster node. Network Administration The administration network provides access to the Ethernet hub. Page Power And Heating Requirements If the cabinet is installed on a raised floor, cool conditioned air should be directed to the bottom of each rack through perforated panels.

You should not need to cable the system. Configure the terminal concentrator device: Power on the terminal concentrator.

Sun Enterprise 4500 Server

Page 32 5. Page 33 64 bytes from scotch Page 34 Note — Change the default terminal concentrator password to avoid unnecessary security exposure. The terminal concentrator password matches the IP address of the terminal concentrator.

Page 35 Note — Make sure all network interfaces for node 1 and node 2 are attached to the production network. See Figure on page 12 for connection details. Page 37 0. Canada-English ISO 2.

sun 4500

Thai 3. ISO 4. ISO 5. Go Back to Previous Screen Please make a choice 0 - 5or press h or? IP addresses contain four sets of numbers separated by periods for example IP address: Primary network interface: eri0 IP address: Select and confirm a naming service. Consult your network administrator to specify a naming service. No naming services are selected for the following example.

sun 4500

Page 44 for example Netmask: Also See for Sun Enterprise Installation manual - 76 pages. Page of 2 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. This document applies only to the Sun Enterprise system using the. Standalone Sun Enterprise and systems. Before beginning subassembly procedures, notify users that the system is. Refer to Chapter 11, "Powering Off and On" in.

Unlock and remove the front panel bezel. Press inward on the serrated edges at the lower left and right. Tilt the bezel up 45 degrees to remove it. Loosen the three captive screws that hold the media tray in place.

Insert a screwdriver in the notch at the top center of the media. Then grasp the tray with both hands to remove it completely out. Remove the seven flathead screws on top of the media tray and lift. Disconnect the power connector and the SCSI connector from the. Unfasten the three captive screws on the mounting plate on which.

Set it aside on an ESD mat. Repeat Steps b and c for removing the tape drive, if necessary. Installing the Spring Gaskets and Subassemblies.

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